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    Booking terms

    General terms

    • Uphill Ofroad-School does not provide Mc or equipment. Mc must be traffic-insured and registered.
    • Uphill Ofroad-School is not responsible for theft of Mc or other incident type fire, flood or similar.
    • The Mc owner must take out insurance cover that provides the desired protection. All driving is done at your own risk.

    Terms of purchase of courses

    Upon notification, an invoice is sent to the customer, equipment list sends out 14 days before event.. Payment terms 10 days net.  The customer shall keep informed of the booking status and notify Uphill Ofroad-School if he intends to fail or not to have the opportunity to settle the invoice. Uphill Off-Road School reserves the right to move / set events with a number of participants under five participants.

    A reservation can be canceled up to 14 days after payment. The distance contract law rules on cancellation rights do not apply when purchasing events / courses, type of gravel education. When payment has been made, the Customer is therefore bound by his purchase.

    Refund is made by 50% in case of damage against presentation of medical certificate

    Canceled event

    Uphill Ofroad-School will make notice on web and mail out information. Reservation for implementation when the required permits are not granted by the authorities. At the canceled event / course, the entire invoice amount will be refunded to the Customer.